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places of power.

looked a documentary about the famous ancient city of the Incas in Peru - Machu Picchu. It was interesting very much.
Machu Picchu (in translation - Old Mountain) - the city of amazing history and unsolved mysteries. The English conquistadors who invaded in the XVI century the territory of modern Peru, and could not find this fortress, which hid the Incas, who did not want to submit to foreign domination. During more than three years he was in full sense of the word "lost city" - no one knew about its existence. Believe that the last inhabitants of Machu Picchu died by the beginning of the XVII century, and is open Hiram Bingham was only July 24, 1911.
This city is very unusual. Nestled in a valley of mountains Vilkabamba, at an altitude of 2900 meters above the level of sea, it was the last of the settlements built so high in the valley, running along the rivers Yukau and Urubamba, north of Cusco.
Now it is believed that the mysterious the city was built to give shelter to about a thousand people, which needed Pachacutec, called the "great builder" and is considered the founder of the empire Incas. Studies have revealed that Machu Picchu was the administrative center of a new agricultural zone, to move towards the jungle. However, for reasons unexplained until now, the Incas fled the city as well as neighboring mountains Huaiyang Picchu and El Mandor, where he found traces of ancient culture.
Of all the cities, constructed by the Incas, Machu Picchu - one of the most beautiful. It is entirely built of local granite. Sometimes lumps disassembled into rectangular blocks, which are customized to each other so perfectly that the surface is quite smooth. There are also houses built of polygonal, very tight fitting one other blocks. Hewing them, laid on the ground and stoning stone tiles. Some of the houses, apparently intended for simple artisans, constructed from Pirkei - stone and coated with clay. Temples, houses and palaces surrounded by stages of agricultural terraces.

The publications have repeatedly slipped, that on Earth there is a "strict pyramid - geographical scheme", by someone, and when it postroennnaya: Mexican pyramids, Egyptian pyramids, the sacred Mount Kailas in Tibet, Easter Island with a huge stone idols.
Piramidalnopodobny ancient city built 1,440 years ago and is located high in the mountains (at over 2400 meters above sea level).

Different Pyramid flex space on cvoemu.
Think about the experiments with mirrors Kozyrev. Owned by the concave the surface, he used to achieve compression of time and energy to fix the effect of accelerating the flow of time. In a concave surface - time flows быстрее. Из работ последеловатей Николая Александровича Козырева было известно, что сжатие энергии времени за счет вогнутых поверхностей, вызывало у испытуемых people very same type of hallucinations: people saw aircraft, such as UFOs, the elements of the life of a stranger in the world. Well for the worlds vidli subjects in compressed time? The answer comes by itself - subjects people to see the elements of life is likely to parallel worlds.

it possible to focus the time?
According to the original hypothesis of Professor NA Kozyrev, Time - is one of the main forms of cosmic energy, the active factor, in fact - the main organizing force all processes in the universe. It is the energy of time is "fuel" for our Sun and other stars. It is spread through the universe instantly and has not only the direction (sign), but also the density, which is directly related to the passage of time.
«All the processes, where there is a causal transitions - thought Kozyrev - emit or absorb time. Where there are no such transitions, time simply does not exist. Let's say it does not exist in the "black holes", because there is nothing not happening: a huge attraction of this mass, falls in herself, stopped all movement. Even the movement of molecules and atoms. And time is also stopped. A star, on the contrary, - a boiling pot ... And there is a huge release time. And then it flows faster, slower, depending on conditions. "
to confirm their views Kozyrev made the original devices, enabling literally "weigh" the flow of time. With these devices, a scientist has convincingly shown, that the density of more time there, where there is non-stationary processes. And no matter what: whether it is a mixture of hot and cold water in the vessel, the dissolution sugar in the cup of boiling water or a giant seething mass of stellar material. It turned out that with the increase of entropy (chaos), the density of time increases. In other words, when the "order" is decreasing, it transfers its energy to time.
One of this discovery is enough to recognize outstanding scholar Kozyrev and a global thinker. However, seeking the mind of Professor of Astronomy did not stop. The light was born the idea of seditious: the density of time can weaken with special screens or strengthen, "focusing" time with concave mirrors. Kozyrev's experiments: It

In Eastern religions it is written, that God is "manipulating" primarily by two creative substance - a space and time. And not for nothing that modern physicists believe that matter is curved space, where time stopped, and the energy is also a curved space, but in which time flows. Pyramid constructed construction of ancient apparently so compress the energy of the time, it superszhatoe time acquires a new quality: it somehow influences the space and takes the person into another spatial dimension, not just pushing it out of the native three-dimensional space, but also changing all the substance of his body and giving it to him the properties of matter, adequate for a parallel world. Superszhatoe time - a special time, special time of the rod, cutting and joining together all the time all the parallel worlds. Pyramids are considered "collectors", ie gatherers of subtle energies. The ancient Incas apparently knew it, building your ancient city. About it were aware of the ancient Egyptian priests in the construction of their pyramids.

PLACES OF POWER - ethereal temples, which are mainly on the etheric plane (ie, above these places).
part, they are places of power and the physical manifestation, as a result of the Hermetic Law "As within, and outside, as above, so below. "

Some places of power -
Egypt, Luxor
Egypt, Giza Plateau.
Israel, Bethlehem
Israel, Jerusalem
India, Agra, Taj Mahal
India, the Cave of Light
Italy, Rome, Church of St. Peter
Ireland, County Galway, Connemara Province
Palestinian retreats
Peru Machu Picchu
Peru, Mount Huascaran
USA, Wyoming, Grand Teton
, California, Hope Valley
, California, Death Valley
Tibet, Lhasa
Nazca Desert
and other places.
Now Machu Picchu is open to tourists who go there never-ending stream from all over the world.


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